Alkaline protease
Technical Grade: 100, 000 U/g; 200,000 U/g; NON-GMO enzyme... View more
Product Details
Enzyme Activity
100,000U/g; 200,000U/g
yellowish brown powder
20kg or Customized for clientss
Product introduction
  • YSS Alkaline protease is a kind of proteolytic enzyme produced by Bacillus licheniformis 2709, which is NON-GMO enzyme.
  • Its main enzyme is Bacillus licheniformis protease, which is a serine type. It can hydrolyze the peptide chain of protein molecules to generate peptides or amino acids.
  • It has a strong ability to decompose proteins.
  • It is widely used in detergent, leather, textile and pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

1. The temp. range of YSS alkaline protease is 30-60℃, and the optimal temp. is 40-55℃.


2. The pH range of most YSS alkaline proteases is 7-13, and the optimal pH is 9-11.


  • For heparin sodium and chondroitin industry, the protease promotes the breakdown of intestinal proteins and chondroproteins, thereby enhancing the extraction of heparin and chondroitin.  
  • Protease is the main enzyme in detergant enzyme, YSS can provide fully water-soluble protease powder.
  • YSS also can provide the fish waste and other plant and meat proteolytic applications can also be provided.
  • This product contains organic and biochemical substances. Strong light and strong heat can cause enzyme inactivation.
  • Therefore, strong light, high temperature and rain forest should be avoided during transportation, and the warehouse should be kept clean, cool and dry.
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Technical Grade: 100, 000 U/g; 200,000 U/g; NON-GMO enzyme
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