YSS's micro-ecological products use a liquid deep fermentation process, without centrifugation during the production process, directly spray-dried into powder, and retain the effective ingredients produced by the bacteria to the greatest extent, such as various enzyme preparations, vitamins, and amino acids. YSS's protease products use non-transgenic strains for targeted enzyme production, and the produced enzyme performance is very stable.
Excessive addition of probiotics will not only inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, but also inhibit the growth of beneficial bacteria. It is recommended to use it according to the instructions.Excessive addition will lead to the excessive reproduction of bacteria and consume a lot of feed energy. It will lead to the loss of feed capacity and will not have the expected effect, which will affect the normal production!
Bacillus subtilis: can purify water quality, improve COD,BOD and ammonia nitrogen content in water, improve bottom and fertilize water.Bacillus Laterosporus: Produce chitinase, which can effectively inhibit harmful algae in waterAntibacterial peptides: Enhance immunity of aquatic animals, inhibit harmful pathogenic bacteria, and reduce shrimp red body disease and white stool.
Organic fertilizer is commonly known as farmyard manure, which consists of various animal and plant residues or metabolites, such as human and livestock manure, straw, animal residues, and slaughterhouse waste. The main method is to supply organic matter to improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil, promote plant growth and the circulation of the soil ecosystem. Bio-organic fertilizer is a type of fertilizer with both microbial fertilizer and organic fertilizer effects. It is comp...
Micro-ecology cannot directly affect crops, and its metabolites play a real role.Within a certain amount, it will not affect the production of crops, and as the amount of addition increases, it will promote the growth of crops and improve the soil environment, increasing soil porosity and aeration;The excessive use of microorganisms will not have a great impact on crops, because the nutrients in the root environment are limited. After the microorganisms multiply, the lack of nutrients will cause...
Liquid fermentation is more expensive than solid fermentation, but liquid fermentation has fewer Miscellaneous bacteria than solid fermentation.First of all, solid bacteria are easier to transport and store than liquid bacteria; and generally, the number of solid bacteria is higher than liquid bacteria. The solid bacteria is easier to handle than liquid bacteria in feed industry and organic fertilizer industry application.Secondly, liquid bacteria are easier to handle than solid bacteria in term...
Microecological preparations enter the intestine to mainly adjust the balance of microorganisms. In addition, they are rich in metabolites, which can improve digestibility and provide nutrients; enzyme preparations mainly enter the intestines to help digest feed materials and improve conversion rate.Microecology is a process of using energy in feed for transformation. In this process, feed materials are used to produce enzymes, small peptides, amino acids and other substances that are beneficial...
Feed industry: Zhengbang Group, Twins Group, Guangzhou Increase,Guangzhou Wens GroupVeterinary medicine industry: Senlong Veterinary Medicine, Jiangxi Zhengbang Minxing PharmaceuticalOrganic fertilizer industry: Kingenta, Stanley, Gu Fengyuan, Yuntianhua, Heart to HeartIndustry: DuPont, Changchun Dacheng, Lukang, Luzhou,wilmarFood industry: Sanquan, Shuanghui, JinluoMedicine industry: Heparin, Qianhong Pharmaceutical, Nanjing Jianyou,
National Key Enzyme Preparation Enterprise""high-tech enterprises","Energy saving and emission reduction technology innovation demonstration enterprise","Key Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization","High-growth Private Enterprise in Henan Province"
Expertise Experience: a--YSS factory has 20+ years rich experience of micro-ecology, enzyme preparation, antimicrobial peptide manufacturers, designated excellent supplier for world's top 500 enterprises. Stable production capacity: b--YSS has a fermentation capacity of 1500 cubic meters, with an annual output of 8,000 tons of liquid products and 8,000 tons of solid products; c. YSS is the top three enzyme preparation manufacturers in China, and the largest e...
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Technical Grade: 100, 000 U/g; 200,000 U/g; NON-GMO enzyme
Main ingredients: Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus megaterium, Trichoderma harzianum, etc. Appearance: light yellow powder Odor: slightly fermented smel
50,000U/g; 70,000U/g Optimal temperature: 40-55℃. Optimum pH: 6.0-7.5.
The bioengineering expert team of YSS, after several years of scientific research, carefully extracts, screens, domesticates, and cultivates Bacillus
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