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Create high-quality YSS brand

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Create high-quality YSS brand

--- Quality is the life of New Yangshao Biotechnology

     On July 15, 2022, The leadership of the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Microbial Fertilizers of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas - Minister Mr.Li Jun and Quality inspection expert Mr.Li Li went to New Yangshao Biotechnology to carry out monitoring sampling and research guidance.The chairman Mr.Jiao, General Manager Mr.Shao and related person has given the warmly welcome.



     Minister Mr.Li conducted a detailed research on the company ' s R & D, production and quality inspection site, and had a friendly discussion in the company ' s conference room.



     At the meeting, the chairman Mr.Jiao introduced YSS production and operation, microbial probiotics products, future development planning and enterprise vision and mission.Minister Li fully affirmed the rapid development of New Yangshao Biotechnology, especially for YSS around the ' green agriculture sustainable development ' layout of a series of scientific research reserves, business planning to highly praise ; at the same time, it is pointed out that the establishment of ' Henan Agricultural Microbial Manufacturing Innovation Center ' should be taken as an important opportunity to continuously increase investment in scientific research, give full play to the advantages of capacity scale, firmly grasp market opportunities, and strive to build enterprises into leading enterprises in the domestic microbial agent industry in three to five years.


      After the meeting, Director Li Jun and his party randomly sampled the microbial bacteria products. Chairman Jiao Guobao said that New Yangshao Biotechnology will strictly implement national regulations and standards, continuously improve the quality control ability, keep quality control at all times, and ensure the quality and safety of agricultural and fertilizer products from the source.


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