Prozyme-Pro(Feed protease)
Prozyme-pro is the alkaline protease with thermal endurance。... View more
Product Details
20kg or customized
Product introduction
  • Producut content:Protease>500,000 U/g.
  • Applcation: Swine, layer, breeder, broiler, fish and shrimp.
  • Dosage: 100-150g
Prodcut Features
  • 为美型的内源酶耐受性-加logo
  • 为美型的瞬时高温耐受性-加logo
  • 为美型的温度影响 -加logo
  • 为美型的pH影响-加logo
Product application
  1.  Stable during feed processing.
  2.  It is completely compatible with other feed enzymes.
  3.  A variety of raw material options and efficient enzymatic performance.
  4.  Increase the absorption and digestibility of protein and amino acids by 3%-10%.
  5.  The effect is fast and remarkable, the batch is stable, safe and environmentally friendly.
  6.  Pure biological fermentation preparation, no drug resistance.
  7.  Degrade a variety of feed proteins together with the animal's own digestive enzymes.
  8.  Catalyze the hydrolysis of dietary protein into peptides and amino acids, thereby making these nutrients available For animal absorption and further use.
  9.  Accelerate nutrient conversion, promote energy and fat absorption, improve intestinal mucosa.
  10. Reduce the adhesion of harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract and realize animal intestinal health.
  • This product contains organic and biochemical substances. Strong light and strong heat can cause enzyme inactivation.
  • Therefore, strong light, high temperature and rain forest should be avoided during transportation, and the warehouse should be kept clean, cool and dry
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Prozyme-pro is the alkaline protease with thermal endurance。
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