50,000U/g; 70,000U/g Optimal temperature: 40-55℃. Optimum pH: 6.0-7.5.
Prozyme-pro is the alkaline protease with thermal endurance。
Glucose Oxidase (EC1.1.3.4) is produced by penicillium notatum (penicillium notatum), refined by liquid submerged fermentation. This enzyme is a kind
Mannanase is a high-yielding strain screened by Aspergillus Niger and refined by liquid submerged fermentation. The prodcut series is acid mannanase a
Lipase is an enzyme product specifically designed to comprehensively solve the digestion and utilization efficiency of feed fat.Lipase uses biochemica
Pectinase is refined from selected Aspergillus niger strains through liquid submerged fermentation. Pectinase is a general term for a class of enzymes
Acid Protease is a kind of proteolytic enzymes, which can hydrolyze animal and plant proteins under acidic conditions, and hydrolyze proteins into sma
Starch is the main source of energy for animals, 60% to 80% of energy required by animals comes from starch in feed. Amylase is a key enzyme for starc
This product is refined using modern microbial fermentation technology and advanced post-processing technology. It can hydrolyze phytase to release in
This product is made by submerged liquid fermentation and refinement of Trichoderma longibrachiatum. It is a new type of ultra-high concentration spec
Xylanase can decompose the cell wall of raw materials and β-glucanase in the feed industry, reduce non-starch polysaccharides in feed grains, and prom
Aflatoxin-degrading enzyme is an enzyme that is independently developed by our company to degrade aflatoxin. Our company's aflatoxin-degrading enzyme
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