Cooperation· Communication·Leap - YSS add new wings from University

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Cooperation· Communication·Leap - YSS add new wings from University

(picture: Cooperation· Communication·Leap - YSS add new wings from University)

     On July 12, a milestone marked in the development history of Henan New Yangshao Biotechnology Co.,ltd——Awarding ceremony of “Teaching Practice Base of Henan University of Science and Technology” held in YSS production base--Mianchi,Henan.


     From the leadership of the Mianchi county party committee, Henan university of science and technology life science school leadership,  Henan new yangshao biological technology co., LTD., a total of more than 30 persons to participate in the awarding ceremony.

     Establish a teaching practice base in YSS, it is designed to carry out the development of scientific research cooperation, university-enterprise joint training, professional internship activities, and establish a long-term cooperative relationship, promote the development of production and research, and improve the level of scientific and technological innovation; Push the health and rapid development of enterprises.

     The GM of Mr.Shao introduced the overall operation of YSS , and said that the establishment of the base to mark the cooperation between university and enterprises will enter a new stage, this will inject strong impetus into the talent training and vigorous development of enterprises.


     YSS will play a leading role in demonstration. Through the integration of industry, university and research, YSS will build the domestic leading biotech talent highland, technical highland and industrial highland, and contribute its own strength to the healthy development of enzyme and microbial probiotics.


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