YSS --- Your Golden OEM/ODM partner of microbial fermentation

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 YSS --- Your Golden OEM/ODM partner of microbial fermentation

(picture: YSS --- Your Golden OEM/ODM partner of microbial fermentation)

High quality partner of microbial fermentation industry

YSS --- helps you build a high-quality brand of microbial fermentation

Henan New Yangshao Biotechnology Co., Ltd., rooted in the microbial fermentation industry for 21 years, is committed to providing customers with high-end biological products such as microbial probiotics and enzyme preparations.

For customers with OEM / ODM requirements, we can provide you with satisfactory products, high-quality service, reasonable cost, stable technology, beautiful packaging, safe and efficient production line, accurate delivery time and one-stop service.

Looking forward to walking with you to create a better future!


Many brand customers will met the risk when they choose the OEM / ODM factory:

  • Unstable product effect
  • Delivery products do not meet customer requirements
  • The fermentation cost is too high
  • Backward Fermentation process


4 major criteria for choosing the ODM / OEM factory:

  • Product stability
  • Advanced process
  • Production standards and scale
  • Optional fermentation experience


Choose the right one more than hard work, working with YSS, what you are worried is not a problem;

1. Expertise Experience

Founded in 2001, more than 18 years of enzyme, probiotic production experiences.

More than half of the production workers are skilled and experienced employees; All the QC have obtained the corresponding qualifications for employment.

2. Stable Production

Yangshao Biotechnology have a complete production control system to ensure stable quality and sustainable supply for our toll production customers.

Sewage treatment capacity of 750m3 / day with global advanced Dutch technology and equipment.

Sewage indicators meet national standards GB8978-1996. COD<100mg/L, ammonia nitrogen<15mg/L


3. Cost advantage

Located in Central Plains, advantages in labor, water, electricity, natural gas cost and raw materials cost.

4. Advanced production equipment

  • Fermentation workshop:

Fermentation capacity: 1500 m3

35 cubic fermenters / 10 sets   50 cubic fermenters / 2 sets

60 cubic fermenters / 4 sets    30 cubic fermenters / 2 sets

20 cubic fermenters / 2 sets

And a plenty of primary and secondary fermentation equipments

  • Extraction workshop

8 sets of United States ultrafiltration equipment

7 sets of 100m2 Plate and frame filter     


5. Excellent management

  • Perfect certification system:ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, QS certificate and Kosher, HALAL
  • Strict product control: Strict internal quality control standards; Multiple detection and control on whole production.

6. Exclusive confidentiality agreement

Independent production and signing of confidentiality agreements to protect customers' information and processes.

7. Plentiful OEM experience

We have been producing enzymes for global partners since 2003 with 18 years of experience in production and service; New Yangshao strives to provide quality services which is based on its stable and strong supply capability and there has been no quality complaint in 18 years.

8.If our process does not meet your product, we are willing to improve the production equipment and process to meet your requirements through your support.



New Yangshao Biotechnology recommends YSS --- Your Golden OEM/ODM partner of microbial fermentation for you. For more information about New Yangshao Biotechnology, visit New Yangshao Biotechnology website. You can also check out more information about Company News or browse News.

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