Farmers Face to Face - Microbial Fertilizer Benefits Sharing

Farmers Face to Face - Microbial Fertilizer Benefits Sharing...

Farmers Face to Face - Microbial Fertilizer Benefits Sharing

(picture: Farmers Face to Face - Microbial Fertilizer Benefits Sharing)

Farmers Face to Face - Microbial Fertilizer Benefits Sharing

In early December 2021, the sales team of the YSS Biofertilizer Department led the expert team to Kunming city to face-to-face communicate with local farmers and share knowledge of Microbial fertilizer,go deep into the front line, listen to the voice of farmers and solve actual needs ;


The main efficacy of microbial fertilizer :

  1. Promoting efficiency. increasing the root absorption of nutrients and promoting growth ; convert invalid nutrients into effective nutrients to improve fertilizer utilization.
  2. Improving soil. Regulate soil pH, improve soil aeration, enhance soil buffering capacity, water retention, heat preservation and energy storage.
  3. Stimulate crop growth and improve crop quality.
  4. Enhancing plant disease resistance ( insect ) and stress resistance.
  5. Reduce the use of fertilizers and improve fertilizer utilization.

Application conditions of microbial fertilizers :

Like other fertilizers, the correct application of microbial fertilizers can play its fertilizer effect. The effective use conditions of microbial fertilizers include :

  1. Taboo combined with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides.
  2. Suitable for soil and environmental conditions in the area used. Microbial fertilizer can be applied under soil conditions of soil water holding capacity above 30 %, soil temperature at 10 ~ 40 °C and pH at 5.5 ~ 8.5. However, different microorganisms have different ecological adaptability. Therefore, before the promotion of microbial fertilizers, scientific field experiments should be carried out to determine their fertilizer efficiency.
  3. There are certain requirements for temperature and moisture. Avoid using in high temperature and drought conditions. Under high temperature and drought conditions, survival and reproduction will be affected and cannot play a good role. This kind of fertilizer should be used in the evening of cloudy or sunny days, and combined with soil covering, manure covering, watering and other measures, to avoid the micro-fertilizer being directly exposed to sunlight or difficult to play a role due to insufficient water.

 Pollution-free green food on today ' s agriculture put forward higher requirements. People also put forward higher requirements for the quantity and quality of agricultural products. With the active development of green agriculture ( ecological agriculture ) at home and abroad, the production of safe and pollution-free green food has become a development trend, which provides an excellent development opportunity for the development and production of high-quality microbial fertilizers. Moreover, due to the decline of soil quality and groundwater pollution caused by the abuse of chemical fertilizers, the comprehensive effect of pollution-free microbial fertilizers shows its application advantages and good development prospects.

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